Armie Hammer, the next James Bond

Armie Hammer, the next James Bond

marko 02.06.2017

Armie Hammer set to be the next James Bond? Rumors that the producers are looking for someone slightly different to play James Bond emerged in May 2017. One of the names who keeps cropping up is Armie Hammer.

Rumors about Armie Hammer stepping into the role's next iteration have been floating about for a while now. He is characterized by being smooth, slick, handsome, rugged and charming. These are definitely the characteristics needed to play James Bond. Don’t you agree?

Every man, at some point in his life, wishes he could be James Bond. And with the news that Daniel Craig may well be out as 007, there are a whole bunch of actors from London to Los Angeles wondering what they could bring to the role.

Could Armie Hammer become the Seventh James Bond?

Hammer’s star has been rising in Hollywood in recent years thank to critically acclaimed roles in The Lone Ranger (2013), Mirror Mirror (2012), J. Edgar (2011), The Social Network (2010) and Mine (2016). His commercial appeal is still growing.

The question for Hammer now is – what next?

This 'Hammer To Play James Bond' Rumor had the internet in a frenzy. Twitter was flooded again Thursday with loads of tweets related to the rumor. Some fans even launched an online Facebook page called We Want Armie Hammer for James Bond.